How your gift supports Rigpa's workIn general, it is most helpful if your legacy or donation to the Tertön Sogyal foundations is not designated for any specific purpose. This allows the members of the board maximum flexibility to allocate funds where they will have the greatest effect and benefit, at any given moment in time.

In allocating your gift – The Board of Trustees will balance short and medium-term objectives with the long-term goal of supporting Rigpa’s work through the endowment. Therefore your donation may be directed for the immediate benefit of a particular Rigpa centre or project or assigned fully or in part to the Endowment Fund.

Medium and Short-Term Objectives – Naturally, if you have a special affinity or heart connection to a particular Rigpa centre or project, or the long-term goal of the endowment, and would like to dedicate your gift accordingly, you can indicate your wishes to the trustees in writing. 

In Memory of a Loved One Your bequest can be made in your own name or dedicated in memory or honour of someone close to you.

To make a donation please contact Tim Synge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your generosity