Fund icons 06Elders Fund – In former Tibet, practitioners had no other need or wish than to devote their senior years to prayer and meditation. They were provided for by the monasteries or communities in which they lived and were respected and cared for.

Still today, approaching the later stage of life is the pinnacle of every true practitioner. It is the time when merit and wisdom come together to create the most auspicious circumstances for their path to liberation. To be able to provide the appropriate care around such esteemed members of our sangha is crucial and a blessing for everyone involved. A perfect example is the presence of Mayum Tsering Wangmo in Lerab Ling.

However, when they retire, some of the first generation of Rigpa students, who are long-time practitioners, and who dedicated their lives to serving the Dharma, find themselves in circumstances that are not conducive for their spiritual path.

For this reason, Rigpa’s main retreat centres – Lerab Ling, Dzogchen Beara,Dharma Mati and Blueys Beach – are in the process of creating environments in which senior practitioners may live and practise together. Sangha members who are already living in those communities will have priority in the start-up phase of this project. Grants will be paid annually to the retreat centres on behalf of the recipients, to cover the costs of their accommodation, food, care etc. as required.

The Process and How to ApplyApplicants must show evidence of financial need and should have committed 20 years or more of their lives to working for Rigpa. Applications for this grant can be submitted throughout the year. Please start by contacting the retreat centre where you are living or would like to live to discuss your wishes.