Fund icons 02Light of Dharma Grants – When great masters pass away, that is the time for their students to manifest and to continue bringing the Buddha’s teachings to the next generation through ‘live’ transmissions; one of the main aspects that guarantees this ancient wisdom tradition to remain authentic and to continue long into the future.

Rigpa students have had the great good fortune to meet and receive teachings and transmissions from many eminent and great Tibetan lineage holders of the past generation and it is our wish to continue these precious lineages. 

For this reason, Rigpa has created the Light of Dharma Grant that aims to create the best circumstances for our current teachers as well as for students who aspire to be genuine Dharma practitioners, to deepen their study and practice, and to mentor and train others so as to manifest as authentic lineage holders.

The aim of the Light of Dharma grants is to secure the teachings by sponsoring projects and programmes developed in Rigpa that use new channels to share the Dharma in ways most adapted to these times of great unpredictability and fast-developing technologies.

This grant has already supported projects such as Rigpa’s Treasury of Wisdom (the digital preservation of the most precious Dharma teachings given by great masters of the past), Prajna (a ground-breaking new interface allowing access to a vast array of teachings and programmes), and the Rigpa Curriculum (the complete, graduated path to awakening, now undergoing a sweeping and contemporary update).

This grant is for projects that have a beginning and an end with a measurable outcome and will support: 

  • Development and piloting of training teachers, practice holders and activity holders;  
  • The compilation of collections of teachings to support Dharma study;
  • The advancement of the Rigpa Curriculum (e.g. new modules, specialized courses);
  • Treasury of Wisdom (digitising tapes and change to stable servers) 
  • Gathering of a special series of Dzogchen pith instructions and their commentaries.

The Process – Applications for this grant can be submitted throughout the year. The International Steering Group and Vision Board or International Rigpa Boards will decide if and for how much each project will be funded. The deadline for grant applications is the first day of each month.

All Light of Dharma grant recipients will be asked to provide quarterly progress reports on the project until completion. Reporting deadlines are: March 30, June 30, September 30, and December 30. 

How to Apply – To apply to this fund, please complete this project proposal form. Allow a minimum of six weeks before expecting a decision.