Tertön Sogyal is the name given to a network of foundations whose primary focus is to provide long-term financial security and resources for the work of Rigpa.

Lerab Lingpa Tertön Sogyal (1856-1926) was a great nineteenth-century Tibetan saint and mystic, who was the teacher of the thirteenth Dalai Lama and a leading figure in the revitalization of the Buddhist teachings in Tibet. His visionary teachings have a profound relevance for our modern times and are the inspiration behind the work of Rigpa.

Objectives and ActivitiesThe objects of the Trust are the promotion and advancement of Buddhism in all parts of the world and in any manner that is charitable in law.

The Aims of the Trust are: 

  • The establishment and maintenance of schools, centres, retreats, monasteries, nunneries and other institutions for the preservation, study and practice of Buddhism. 
  • The establishment and maintenance of libraries and facilities for the preservation and study of Buddhism. 
  • To preserve Tibetan philosophy, logic, metaphysics, art, sacred dance, sacred music, arts, crafts and skills, medicine and philosophy, and the relics, images, objects (whether sacred or otherwise) associated with them. 

The objectives
for the year are shaped by these strategic aims namely:

  • To provide funding and support for projects which make a far-reaching contribution towards the preservation and spread of the Buddhist teachings throughout the world and in particular the Dzogchen lineage of Tibet.
  • To welcome donations of any size from those who have been moved or helped by the Buddhist teachings, who sense the urgency and need for these teachings in the contemporary world, and who wish to support projects of deep and long-lasting significance that benefit a great many people. 

The Trust seeks to achieve its strategic aims and carry out its operational objectives through partnerships with institutions, in particular, Rigpa, an international network of Buddhist charities with centres and groups in 23 countries around the world.  

How You Can HelpDonations to the Tertön Sogyal Trust can be gifts of money, property or goods through Wills and Legacies, as well as major donations. Gifts of land, buildings, investments or other assets may, at the discretion of the board of trustees, be converted into liquid assets.