Lerab Lingpa Tertön Sogyal (1856-1926) was a great nineteenth-century Tibetan saint and mystic, who was the teacher of the thirteenth Dalai Lama and a leading figure in the revitalization of the Buddhist teachings in Tibet. His visionary teachings have a profound relevance for our modern times and are the inspiration behind the work of the Tertön Sogyal  Trust and of Rigpa.

Recognising the need to assure the long-term sustainability of Rigpa, 30 years ago a group of students set up a network of Tertön Sogyal Foundations. The Foundations differ from National Rigpa non-profit organizations in that they specialise in prudently investing larger gifts (such as those received through wills and bequests) via the Rigpa Endowment Fund. 

The Tertön Sogyal Foundations offer support to  students, instructors, scholars, practitioners and teachers in need of financial assistance for their studies and practice, at every stage of their path through the following three types of grants:

  • Study & Practice Grants aim to financially support Rigpa sangha members in study, practice and retreat, from newer students to senior teachers.  
  • Light of Dharma Grants aim to sponsor projects and programmes that make Dharma teachings available in ever new and inventive ways, attuned to these times of fast developing technologies and great unpredictability.
  • Elders Grants aim to create communities for senior Rigpa members who have devoted their lives to Rigpa and reached retirement age, to spend the remaining years of their lives deepening their spiritual path.

How You Can Help – Donations to the Tertön Sogyal Trust can be gifts of money, property or goods through Wills and Legacies, as well as major donations... Read more