The Endowment Fund is one of several restricted funds that the Trust holds, in collaboration with the other Tertön Sogyal foundations. It’s goal is to provide the long-term financial security and resources that are necessary for the work of Rigpa to continue to flourish and grow, for the benefit of future generations.It is one of several restricted funds that the Tertön Sogyal Trust holds. 

All donations received by the Endowment Fund of the Tertön Sogyal Foundations, whether by donation, will or legacy are invested and preserved for life. Only the interest and capital gains are distributed through grants. In recent years projects that have received support from the Foundations include the Treasury of Wisdom, Prajna and Sukhavati Spiritual Care Center. 

Principles of the Endowment Fund is to provide long-term financial stability for Rigpa, as well as a continuous source of funding for the most vital cornerstones of its work. The principal of the Endowment Fund will be invested as wisely as possible, so as to optimize the  capacity to support projects long into the future.  Income generated by the Endowment Fund will be allocated to Rigpa’s most important projects, following the recommendations of the Vision Board.

An Annual Report and financial statement will ensure full transparency of both the performance and distribution of income from the Endowment Fund. Gifts to the Endowment Fund through your Will can include cash, property, stocks and shares, life insurance, precious valuables, or other types of material asset.