The Tertön Sogyal Investment Committee is composed of Rigpa students with experience in financial markets and that hold a close relationship with Rigpa and the Terton Sogyal Foundation boards. All members of the Investment Committee are contributing their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. 

The members of the Investment Committee are: 

Pedro Beroy has been a Rigpa student for the last twenty three  years. He is currently a partner of AP Structured Finance. Prior to his current role, Pedro spent sixteen years at Credit Suisse in the Investment Banking Division with diverse responsibilities in trading, structuring and sales. He was a Managing Director based in New York and a member of the Fixed Income Operating Committee. Pedro headed Credit Suisse's global fixed income activities in the Longevity Markets Group. Prior to that role, Pedro was responsible for the Latin America Structuring and Coverage Group. Pedro holds a Master in Business Administration from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona. He is the president of the Tertön Sogyal Foundation, a member of Rigpa’s  International Steering Group, Rigpa’s Finance team and a member of the Terton Sogyal Investment Committee.

Christian Hauser has been a Rigpa student for the last twenty years. Christian is a Managing Director in a large state owned foundation for children and adolescent psychiatry. Prior to his current position, Christian was also the President of the Investment Committee managing CHF172MM. Prior to that, he worked in various project management positions. Christian is the current President of the Board of Directors of the Swiss Rigpa Foundation, a member of the Rigpa Chairs of Boards, a member of the Rigpa International Finance Team and of the Terton Sogyal Investment Committee. Christian holds a PhD in philosophy and completed his studies of psychoanalysis in 1989. He is still active as a psychoanalysis therapist.

Heinz Siepmann – In 2001, after two decades as a businessman who not only successfully ran his family business for sixteen years but also worked in a German bank and in an American wholesale company, Heinz Siepmann met Sogyal Rinpoche and became his student.. With his solid business and management background, Heinz’s first significant offering to the Rigpa Sangha was to become part of the team of students who established the Rigpa Centre in Berlin. He then played a leading role in the planning, construction and start up of the Sukhavati spiritual care centre in Brandenburg, Germany, a groundbreaking initiative that applies Buddhist teachings and practice to caring for the elderly and the dying. The care centre opened in 2016 and Heinz continues to be actively engaged in its governance and development. Over the years, Heinz has also devoted a considerable amount of time to serving on three Rigpa boards in Germany: Rigpa Germany, the Berlin Rigpa Centre Trust and the Tertön Sogyal Foundation- while developing real estate projects and manages his investment portfolio.

Dan Schuessler – Mr. Schuessler has 30 years of experience in the investment industry.  He began his career in 1991 as a mortgage backed securities portfolio manager and trader.  In 1996 he began working for Mellon Capital Management, specializing in global asset allocation.   During his tenure with Mellon Capital Mr. Schuessler served as both the firm's Global Strategist and as Director of Hedge Funds.  In 2004 he was a founding partner of Bayswater Asset Management, an alternative asset management firm specializing in global macro.  Since 2012 he has been an independent investor. He is a member of the Investment Committee.

Sebastien Feiss (currently in retreat) worked in Société Générale, one of the biggest European banks, as a portfolio manager for private clients. He has been working on financial issues since 2001, first in the bank office of ABN-AMRO, then as the assistant fund manager with the same bank. He graduated from a Master in Business Intelligence in Paris and a European master of financial analysis. Sebastien has been  a Rigpa student since 2003.